Urban Planning CopywriterA monthly newsletter on smart cities and urbanism, read by several experts in the field of urban planning. The newsletter focuses on how cities use big data, green technology and green building techniques to make life better for residents. You can see past editions here, here and here.


Basic Web Content - Lew FrederickBasic web site copy for Oregon State Representative Lew Frederick’s official web site.



The Rama's fight against the Nicaragua CanalThe Rama Versus The Canal, published in Hakai Magazine and republished in Smithsonian Magazine. A small indigenous group in Nicaragua is fighting a legal battle to save their homeland from the proposed canal.



Doing business in China? Get a Chinese name. The Art and Luck of Chinese Names, published in Schwa Fire. Not sure you understand Chinese names – not sure you need one if you’re doing business in China? Sounds like you need to read this article.



The linguistic implications of the Nicaragua CanalA Canal Where a Language Used to Be, published in Schwa Fire. Yes, the proposed canal in Nicaragua has linguistic implications.




Duck eggs rise in popularityDuck Eggs Take Off, published in Modern Farmer. For some reason, I’ve been a bit obsessed with ducks and their eggs. Turns out I’m not the only one.